Speaker Wire Color - Which One Is Positive? What color speaker wire is positive? ... the colors red (for positive) and black (for negative) ... Brown; Negative (labeled as M): Blue; ... the colors red (for positive) and black (for negative) ... Brown; Negative (labeled as M): Blue; Red wires connect to red plugs, ... Where can you find a color chart for brown? When wiring a new ceiling light, or any ceiling fixture, it is important to identify the positive and negative (or neutral) wires. Ask for FREE. Ask Your Question Fast! DC Power Circuit Wiring Color Codes . DC Power Circuit Wiring Color Codes . Im wiring a plug socket where does the brown and blue wires go ... Brown is the same as red (Positive +) ... plug to a lead with only blue and brown wires? If you use a computer power cord or other cord based on the international wiring color code: BROWN = HOT BLUE = NEUTRAL GREEN/YELLOW STRIPE = GROUND Answers.com WikiAnswers ... Brown - positive * Blue - negative ... black, and blue are all used as hot wires or switched wires. Blue and brown audio cable; which is positive/negative? what is the blue wire for:; Is it positive or negative please what is the brown wire for: Is it - Riccar Sewing Machines question How can you identify which color wire is positive in an electric circuit? Wiring for AC and DC power distribution branch circuits are color coded for identification of individual wires. There are a number of ways to determine the difference between positive and negative when dealing with speaker wires. In fixed wiring, the blue/brown scheme is only ... (positive), black (middle) and white (negative). A: ... (positive) and black (negative). ... Blue - Neg is Light Blue Left Rear - Pos Brown ... to have a diagram to figure out which one is positive and negative. which wire, brown, green & yellow or blue is positive, negative or ground connection on the little giant sump pump power cord. The color of wires is dependent on the method of wiring and where one is located. Is the Blue Wire Positive or Negative??? on Speaker Wire Color - Which One Is Positive? Is brown the positive or the blue? Blue neutral Blue brown positive . ... blue, brown, sometimes white, can be a wire that can shock you, ... and there is no such thing as a positive or negative wire. Wire markings, especially for electronic equipment, are typically color coded to designate the positive and negative polarity. A: ... (positive) and black (negative). ... one wire to the positive side of a 1.5-volt battery ... Brown/Blue: Right Rear (+) Red/Green: ... Blue/black/brown wire? Blue and Grey wires on power supply, which is the ... Grey wires on power supply, which is the positive? which one is positive,negative? Categories Beauty & Style. ... then the wire attached to the red probe is negative. Blue is negative. the color of the speaker wire is copper color for both wires. Community Experts online right now. Is blue wire positive? ... your black wire is negative always so blue would have to be positive . OK, I ... Blue is Negative, and White is Positive. Is the blue or black wire positive? Wiring 10W LEDs Reply to Thread ... Wire positive to blue on the LED, and negative to the brown wire ... As they stated 3 wires then just blue/brown Car Audio - Wire Color Codes.